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The Coolest Bag Tags On the Web!
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Preview reflects the information you entered. Font size, layout and colors are approximate and will vary from your final product. Each order is sized, centered and scaled accordingly by our graphic artist and your final product will be digitally printed in high quality color. Bag tags are available in 9 colors and stand out to help quickly identify your belongings. Our tags are made of high quality molded plastic with a clear protective covering. Included are 2 attachments to secure your tags. Use the strong clear plastic loop for larger bags or use our heavy duty steel beaded chain for smaller bags and backpacks.

Welcome to Kid Tags where you can create custom bag tags, personalized luggage tags, and kid bag tags to personalize all your family's belongings with name, address, phone number, and email. Create a look that will help you be able to identify any of your family's possessions with cool luggage tags in colorful custom colors that add the personalized identification tags that are made just for you and your family.

Create your kids bag tags with a look that will personalize all your family's backpacks, diaper bags, or computer bags with luggage bag tags that are unmistakably yours and easy for you and your family to identify. Kid Tags has created an easy to follow system that allows you to design your own look for all your personalized bag tags.

Sometimes a bag can just get lost, misplaced or left behind and with your personalized luggage ID tag it could be returned to you. Let's face it sometimes we carry around some pretty important things in a school backpack, sports bag, or suitcase. These things can be important enough to want to get them back and who wants to buy things a second time.

Kid Tags are a great idea for all of bags that your kids carry their things in and they can also be fun for people of all ages since they are available in colorful designs with bright colors that are easy to recognize and can be attached to almost anything.

Backpacks are not just for the kids anymore and not just for school but a lot of people carry them for their convenience. Backpacks have become one of the most used items in many households from kids school backpacks, sporting, hiking, traveling and even used for business bags. If you use a backpack then there is no question about the importance of identification tags being a necessary accessory.

For the family with many social obligations these bright colorful ID tags can really help with diaper bags, daycare bags, sports bags and choose different colors for boy bag tags or girl bag tags to make items easier to tell apart. These personalized name tags are a great way to add something colorful and easy to recognize for your child's backpack, daycare bags, Dads golf bags or family luggage on the carousel.

Kid Tags is a family oriented company offering you the opportunity to be creative using our products to personalize family belongings and make sure that everything that leaves the house makes its way back home. Child ID products have never been more popular and Kid Tags can virtually be placed on everything. Having recognizable kid bag tags can make life a little bit easier in a multiple child home too and can be used for senior facilities as well.

Our bag tags are colorful, long-lasting and stand out to help quickly identify your belongings. These bag tags are made of high quality molded plastic and feature a strong clear plastic loop for maximum durability. Attach your bag tags to your luggage, duffel bags, sports equipment bags, school bags, strollers, diaper bags, gym bags, camp bags, backpacks, instrument cases and more.

All Kid Tags products are proudly made in the USA at our modern state-of-the-art facility in South Florida. Our products will exceed your expectations!

Kid Tags was created out of the demand and growing popularity of name tags and ID tags that are used in a large variety of ways to personalize our family's belongings in hopes of bringing more of our things home that we take with us on our daily trips to school, work and social events.

Our products are designed with the intent to help our customers with fun, new products that are original and helpful in your everyday lives. Kid Tags are used not only by children but tend to bring out the kid in all of us. We offer a fun alternative in putting Name Tags on our stuff.

Before your order is delivered, we check for typing errors and make sure the printing is bright and beautiful. Each order is packaged and sent in a way that will exceed your expectations. By the way, don't forget about our customer service department. We are here for questions before, during and after you receive your order. We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you and really care about how our company is represented, so we strive to do a better job each time you order. We're sure you'll smile when your order arrives.

Our company focus is on customer satisfaction, so we offer a "100% Money-Back Guarantee." If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, contact us, then simply return it with a detailed note explaining the changes required and we will send you a new order. If we can't make you happy, send back your order and we'll give you an immediate refund. Less Shipping.

You can feel safe ordering online through our Secure Server. All orders placed on our Web site are protected using Secure Socket Layer encryption provided by Thawte Consulting. You can be sure we make every effort to protect your personal and credit card information.

Bag tags have become a popular accessory for all the family backpacks, tote bags, diaper bags and computer bags. Whenever people leave the house there are things we need to take with us to school, daycare or work. To help make sure that the things we treasure make it back home is a matter of putting our name on it.

Kid Tags makes it fun to create name tags in our favorite colors with background images that can be as unique as each member of the family. ID tags can virtually be used on almost any type of luggage bag, sports bag, camera case, instrument case, or over the shoulder carry bag. Kids of all ages need to ID their belongings for school activities, sleepovers, pre-school or just to visit their friends.

Our bag tags are durable and created out of fun bright colors with long-lasting high quality molded plastic that feature a strong clear plastic loop for maximum durability. Kids can use these personalized name tags for any of their summer camp bags, duffel bags or sports equipment bags because they are made to be durable and waterproof.

Child Name Tags and ID Tags can help children bring their belongings home. We all lose things but children lose things far too often. Children carry backpacks just about everywhere they go and to most kids these backpacks carry their prized possessions. To keep from losing these things and so that each child always has their complete name, address, and phone number on them it's important to have ID tags, name tags or bag tags.

Just as a safety measure it's good to always have ID tags with your children. In case of an emergency a child should never be without identifying information. In case a child gets lost, separated from friends or family, or just when a child is away from home. Wherever your child is they have their full name, address, phone number and your email.

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